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aviation accident attorneys

Accidents involving commercial or private aircraft are often catastrophic. Improper maintenance, air traffic control errors, aircraft design defects and pilot errors can all lead to tragic disasters, which often result in devastating nervous system injuries or loss of life.

The practice of aviation law is extremely challenging and complex. Many cases not only involve state and federal laws but are also sometimes governed by admiralty law and federal aviation regulations. Experience with these various sources of authority is key to success. A comprehensive understanding of aircraft operation, engineering, physics and mechanics is also crucial.

The attorneys and staff of Anderson Pangia & Associates are proud to represent the victims of aviation disasters and their families. We have the experience, skills and resources to successfully handle these complex cases. As a pilot, our Firm's founder Joseph Anderson has the qualifications and credentials to understand and effectively manage all types of aviation accident cases, from major air disasters to general aviation cases.

Michael Pangia, who heads up the Anderson Pangia & Associates Aviation practice, has long experience with air crash disasters. As the former chief trial lawyer for the Federal Aviation Administration and a recipient of the Attorney General award for outstanding achievement in the development of aviation law, the Anderson Pangia Washington office and is a nationally recognized as an expert in aviation law and safety. In addition to assisting Anderson Pangia & Associates with aviation matters, Mr. Pangia oversees aviation practice in Washington, D.C., representing victims and families in major air crash trials.

Anderson Pangia & Associates is available for referral and consultation in aviation matters throughout the United States. Please contact us for more information on our aviation practice.

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